Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) summary

Disclaimer: I do not own Kimi no Na wa and is simply summarising the movie.


The movie starts with meteors falling from the sky and is approaching earth. The movie shows Japan, a busy city.

A girl voices over:

“Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying”

A boy voices over:

“The dream I had I can never recall”

Both of them voices over at the same, feeling like they have lost something, especially when they have just woken up from their sleep. The feeling that they are looking for someone happened since the day the stars came falling from the sky.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 17.14.52.png

Taki is asleep and has a dream, a raven-haired girl with a red ribbon called Mitsuha apppears, she tells him her name and asks him to not forget her, and hands him over the ribbon she is wearing. He is woken up by the dream, and looks around the room. The room is unfamiliar, but the body he possesses is even more unfamiliar. He starts touching his own breasts and declares it being realistic. Taki is in Mitsuha’s body.

Mitsuha’s younger sister (Yotsuha) comes in and is surprised at her behaviour. Yotsuha addresses him as Mitsuha, and informs him that breakfast is ready. Taki is surprised at his new name and points at himself  “Mitsuha?”. Taki gets up and goes to the mirror, looks at it and takes off his clothes, he screams at the sight of his body. Something is definitely not right.

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The movie jumps back to Mitsuha, she is back in her own body, she joins her grandma and Yotsuha for breakfast. She helps herself to the rice, her grandma stares at her and declares that she is “normal” today.

The public address systems informs the citizens that there will be a mayoral election next month. The grandma tuns the radio off and Mitsuha turns on the TV. The news says that comet Tiamat can be seen with be seen with the naked eyes in a few days time and this occurs even 1,200 years.

Mitsuha ties her up her hair with a red ribbon and walks to school, on her way to school she sees her friend- Sayaka and Tessie. Sayaka comments that Mitsuha’s hair looks normal today, Tessie questions whether she has been exorcised. However, Mitsuha is completely confuse by their statements and does not understand why they are saying these stuff.

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On her way to school, she sees her dad holding a speech at a park, he tells the citizen that he will try and create a better and safe environment for the citizens. However the citizens do not seem please with his speech and mumbles that he will be chosen regardless. Her high school classmates are also present and teases Mitsuha for her dad’s job.

Mitsuha is in class and sees an unfamiliar writing on her notebook, it says “who are you?”. She continues to examine the notebook and is completely confuse about it. She is interrupted by the teacher as she is not paying attention to her class, the teacher is explaining about twilight- when everything becomes a blur then one might encounter something not human. This is called Kataware-doki. 

Mitsuha asks Sayaka during lunch about her behaviour yesterday. Sayaka confirms that she was strange yesterday, she did not know her own name, her classmates, her classes and had bedhead with no ribbon. Mitsuha declares that she has been feeling strange recently, like she is living someone else’s life. However she does not remember exactly the details of her dreams.

Mitsuha is worried because she does not remember anything that happened yesterday. Her friend comforts her, telling it could be a symptom from stress as her shrine’s responsibilities are too much for her; the shrines’ ritual is soon. Mitsuha complains that she does not want to live in this town (Itomori) anymore and wants to live inTokyo.

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Yotsuha is complaining that she does not enjoy making cords, her grandma tries to correct Yotsuha’s thinking by telling her that if she continues perfecting it, her emotions will connect with the ribbon.

The grandma explains the reason they are making braided cords. The braided cord is linked to the history of Itomori- 1200 years ago a sandal maker’s bathroom was caught on fire and burned the whole area. The shrine and the documents were destroyed. Before the grandma is able to finish her sentence, Mitsuha finishes her grandma’s sentence and says it is called the “The Great fire of mayugoro”. The grandma continues to explain the reason behind the festival, the purpose is unknown because the documents were burned, but the tradition must be kept. That is the sole reason why the Miyamizu shrine exists.

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Mitsuha and Yotsuha are preforming the ritual in front of their town. The ritual involves dancing and then chewing rice, spitting it out and letting it ferment so it becomes alcohol. The alcohol is called “Kuchikamisake”.

However not everyone is appreciating the ritual, her high school classmates laughs at Mitsuha’s behaviour. Although Mitsuha is conscious of her classmates’ sniggering, she still continues her duty. After the ritual, Yotsuha comforts Mitsuha by saying she should not care about what others think because their opinion does not matter. Mitsuha declares she is sick of her duties and wants to live as a high school boy in Tokyo in her next life, she pleads to the sky.

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The movie skips to our other main character- Taki. He falls from his bed and is awoken by the pain. He looks around his room and is shocked at the environment. He automatically touches his chest and looks down at his lower part and touches it, he becomes bright red. Mitsuha is in Taki’s body so I will address him as Mitsuha to clarify the storyline.

Mitsuha is shocked at the new surrounding. She receives a message from one of Taki’s classmate (Tsukasa), telling her that she is late and should run to make it in time for their next class. She exits the apartment and tries to digest the surrounding- Tokyo, just like what she had wished for.

Mitsuha is nervous to enter the classroom and Tsukasa grabs her to the rooftop. She informs them that she got lost hence the reason being late, but Taki’s friends are confused as to why that happened (they do not know that Mitsuha is possessing Taki’s body). The friends are confused with his strange behaviour but nonetheless still invites her to a café after school, Mitsuha is completely psych about the idea. She looks at the menu and is shock to see the price of some items, however decides to splurge anyways because she thinks this is all a dream.

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Mitusha receives another text message saying she is late for work, however she does not know her way to work and asks Taki’s friends for help. She makes many mistakes at the restaurant and is wondering when the dream will end. During her shift, she is confronted by a difficult customer. The customers complains that a toothpick is inside the pizza and asks her to do something about it. She answers that toothpicks do not exists in an Italian restaurant. One of the co-worker (Okudera) intervenes and apologises on Mitsuha’s behalf.

Mitsuha wants to thanks Okudera for her help but Okudera explains that there is no point arguing with these type of customers. Other co-workers informs Okudera that her skirt is slashed, Mitsuha takes her to the store room and tells her that she can sew it back for her. Okudera is pleased with her sewing skills and comments that she likes the more feminine side of Taki. Although Taki is not Taki.

Mitsuha heads home and is still trying to digest the dream. She cannot believe how realistic it is. She looks through his diary and his photos too, and notices a photo of Okudera and realises that Taki likes her. She is too into her new role and even updates his diary on his phone. She suddenly thinks back to the question that was on her notebook, she takes out the pen and writes “Mitsuha” on Taki’s hand.

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Taki returns to his own body and sees “Mitsuha” written on his hand, he looks back to his diary and notices that she has also updated his diary.

Taki is teased by his friends at school, they suggest they go to a café again, but he rejects the idea and claims he has work. They tease him whether he knows the direction of his work . He is annoyed but brushes it off and claims he has to leave, his friends comment him for being normal and was more cute yesterday.

He goes into work and his colleagues gang up on him, they asks him for the details of his conversation with Okudera. But of course, he does not remember and insists he cannot remember. Okudera comes in and give Taki a special greeting, the other colleagues can’t help but feel jealous.

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Mitsuha wakes up and find her left arm all drawn over with questions such as “who are you?” and “what are you”. Mitsuha is starting to understand what is happening and is cautious before entering the classroom because people are gossiping about her weird behaviour.

Taki possesses Mitsuha’s body again, he excels in drawing and manages to draw beautiful drawings of buildings. The other classmates are making snide comments about Mitsuha’s dad mayoral election, Taki catches on and kicks over the drawing board to scare her classmates.

Finally, both of them realises the situation they are in, after noticing their notes and their phone being constantly updated. Their dreams aren’t a dream, they are in somebody’s body and that person is in their own. In other words, Taki is in Mitsuha’s and Mitsuha is in Taki’s.

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They continue to swap bodies, although they struggle to live their life as another person, they somewhat manages. Gradually they adjust to the other person’s lifestyle.

Mitsuha voices over:

“I’m beginning to get what’s going on. Taki is a boy my age living in Tokyo”

Taki voices over:

“I switch with Mitsuha at random, a few times a week unexpectedly. Sleep triggers it. The cause is a mystery”

Mitsuha voices over:

“My memory of the switch is hazy after I wake up”

Taki voices over:

“But we’re definitely switching places. It’s obvious from the reactions of the people around us. So…”

Mitsuha voices over:

“So we laid down some rules to protect each other’s lifestyles. Things to watch out during the switch and a list of don’t”  

Taki voices over:

“We also agreed to leave reports in our smartphones”

Mitsuha voices over:

“To work together to tide over this mysterious phenomenon”

They continue to swap and slowly they are starting to change the other person’s life. Taki makes Mitsuha more popular with her classmates, and Mitsuha manages to make Okudera open up to Taki.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 22.53.25.png

Taki is in Mitsuha’s body again, as per usual he is touching her breasts. Yotsuha comes in and tells Taki that breakfast is ready, as she is adapted to his strange behaviour already and has given up on commenting. On the news, there is an update of the comet- it is approaching and has been visible for few days already.

Taki accompanies Mitsuha’s grandma to the mountain. They complain the body of their shrine’s god location because it is too far away. However despite the journey being far, Taki offers to carry Mitsuha’s grandma.

Grandma asks if they know about “Musubi”, she explains that Musubi can be a way of addressing a god, she continues to say that tying a thread is Musubi, connecting people is Musubi, the flow of time is Musubi. These are all the god’s power. Braiding cords are a form of the god’s art and it represents the flow of time. They converge and take shape. They twist, tangle and sometimes unravel, it break but can connect again. She sums it up that Musubi is knotting and that’s time itself. So deep. 

They rests for a while to recharge for their journey ahead, Yotsuha asks whether she can have a drink of Taki’s tea and Grandma comments that it is Musubi too. Whether it is water, rice or sake, when a person consumes something and it joins their soul, that’s Musubi.

They continue their journey again, the grandma hasn’t finish the Musubi talk, she says that the offering today is an important custom that connects the god and his people. They finally arrive, Taki is in awe of the beauty that Itomori beholds, the land is vast and has endless greens surrounding it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.10.03.png

Before they head to the body of the Miyamizu shrine’s god, they have to cross a river, after crossing the river they will reach “kakuriyo” which means underworld. She informs them that if they want to return to the world, they must hand over what is most important to them. The most important thing to them is their life and they are going to offer half of their soul to the shrine’s god.

Grandma hands over Taki the sake that Mitsuha previously made during the ritual, Taki is responsible for placing it inside the god’s body. Grandma explain that the Kuchikamisake contains half of Mitsuha.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.17.10.png

Before they head down the mountain, they admire the beauty of the scenery. Yotsuda says it is twilight already (Kataware-doki). Taki is standing there appreciating the beauty of Itomori, the grandma stares at Taki and asks “Mitsuha, you’re dreaming aren’t you?”. 

Taki wakes up with tears in his eyes but does not know why he is crying, he sees a message of Okudera; she exclaims she is excited for their date.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.21.29.png

Taki quickly meets up with Okudera, she is all dressed up for their date, he is awkward around her and does not know what to say. Mitsuha on the other hand has returned to her own body, she remembers that she has a date with Okudera but obviously cannot go. She is getting ready for school and starts thinking about their date, she suddenly starts crying and is confused about her emotions.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.25.14.png

Taki is struggling to cope with his date and does not have many things to say, he looks at his diary and sees that Mitsuha has left him some tips on how to be successful for his date. However the links aren’t that useful and most of them are there to tease him.

Taki and Okudera goes to a photo gallery, and Taki cannot help but notice a photo of the Itomori’s summit, where he went during his possessing of Mitsuha’s body. Okudera isn’t exactly please with their date because he seems like a complete different person, she says that he used to have a crush on her but right now, he likes someone else. He denies both of her statements, but either way she thanks him and says bye.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.32.44.png

Taki reads a diary entry from Mitsuha on his diary, it is an update from Mitsuha telling him the comet will be visible after the date. However he looks up at the sky and sees nothing. He clicks on her contact details that is stored on his phone and dials it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.35.44.png

Mitsuha’s phone is ringing, however it is not Taki but Tessie. He asks her whether she is going to the town’s festival, she isn’t exactly interested and seems quite lifeless but agrees nonetheless because she wants to see the comet.

Sayaka and Tessie are waiting for Mitsuha, Sayaka teases Tessie- he wanted to see Mitsuha in a yukata. He denies her claim and simply says that he invited her because she sounded upset. They are both shock to see Mitsuha, she has cut off her hair and says she feels like having a change. Tessie asks Sayaka whether she thinks that Mitsuha has been dumped by a guy because she cut off a large amount of her hair.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.39.30.png

They can see the comet, they stand there and watches it. However, there is something strange about the comet, it begins to split and one is heading straight to Mitsuha.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.43.31.png

The movie jumps back to Taki, who is struggling to get a hold of Mitsuha on the phone. He reminds himself that he will tell Mitsuha about his disastrous date with Okudera the next time they swap bodies. However after that date, they never once swap bodies again.

Time slowly passes and Taki cannot stop thinking about Itomori, he draws many buildings and scenery that can only be seen in Itomori, however sadly he does not know the name of the place. Taki simply draws it from his memory.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.49.05.png

Taki has had enough, he takes all his drawings and places it in his bag; he is going to find Itomori. However on his way to the train station, he finds Okudera and Tsukasa waiting for him. They are here to join him on his journey because they are worried about him- they assume he is meeting his online friend (which is not wrong) and wants to make sure he will be okay hence tagging along.

He is on his way to find Mitsuha because they stopped swapping bodies, his calls and texts does not go through, but the problem is that he does not know where she lives and the town’s scenery is his only clue to find Mitsuha. That does not faze him though, he continues his search for Mitsuha.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 23.56.17.png

He is starting to feel hopeless towards the situation and stops by for some ramen at a local restaurant. But something is shining upon him, the waiter comes over and sees the drawing that Taki drew and asks whether it is Itomori. She asks her husband, he confirms that the drawing is Itomori and says it brings him back lots of memory. Taki excitedly asks where Itomori is and they inform him that a comet once hit Itomori.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 00.08.16.png

Taki wastes no time and runs to the site where the comet hit, he instantly recognises the scenery that he once saw during his possession of Mitsuha’s body. However the scenery is not longer the same. The once endless green with a giant dome of water is reduced to 2 vast domes of water. Taki is shock at the discovery, his friends asks if he had remembered it wrong but he yells at his friends that he did not remember it incorrectly, he declares that he remembers the school, the mountain and everything clearly. He cannot be wrong.

Tsukasa is surprise that Taki never knew about the incident that happened 3 years ago, especially it killed many lives and was big news. 3 years ago, a comet hit Itomori and killed many lives, on that day the town had a festival too.

Taki does not believe his words and says he has proof on his phone that it was not 3 years ago because he had been swapping bodies with Mitsuha just few weeks ago. Everything that is stored on his diary has been erased, there are no traces of Mitsuha’s entry or the communication between them.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 00.17.18.png

Taki is in disbelief, he goes to the library and searches all the information regarding the incident. Comet Tiamat with an orbital period of 1,200 years, made a close approach to Earth 3 years ago in October. There are many news regarding the incident and Taki slowly digests all the information.The incident happened on the day of their town’s festival, around 8:24pm. Over one third of the population in Itomori’s was killed from the impact and no one lives in Itomori now because it has been deemed unfit for living.

Taki looks through the lists of victims and discovers something that he can never imagine, he found Mitsuha in the list of victims. He is bewildered at the sudden discovery and claims that 2/3 week ago she was telling him about the comet, there is no way that she will be on the victim’s list for something that happened 3 years ago.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 00.23.19.png

Taki is completely confused and does not know how to comprehend the situation at all. He makes a hypothesis that everything must have been a dream and he only knew about Itomori because it had appeared on the news, unconsciously he must have remembered it. He must have been confusing himself with reality and his own hallucinations.  He can’t seem to get his head around it, but what hit him more is the fact he does not even remember Mitsuha’s name.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 00.28.39.png

Okudera comes in and joins Taki, she picks up a book that was sitting on the table, the book has pictures of braided cords, she compliments it being pretty and asks if Taki is wearing one too. He says that someone gave it to him a long time ago and he wears it as a lucky charm. He struggles to remember who gave it to him but is able to remember what Mitsuha’s grandma told him, he added that once a person told him that the cords represent the flow of time.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 00.41.08.png

Remembering what Mitsuha’s grandma telling him once made him think back to the place he stored the Kuchikamisake, and if information that the grandma said is true, then half of Mitsuha is inside the Kuchikamisake.

Taki is asleep and hears a voice calling his name:

“Taki, Taki. Don’t you remember me?”

He is awaken by the voice and looks at his bracelet, he cannot wait till his friends are awake too. He leaves them a note to inform them to go back first as he has somewhere to go.

Taki is on his way to find the Kuchikamisake, he gets a lift from the same driver that he had yesterday. The driver hands him over a bento (lunchbox) and compliments his drawing. Taki is not giving up and tries his best to find the place that he once went before. Despite the rain is pouring, he does not give up. After a long time, he made it. He is at the top of the summit, and behind him are the 2 large lakes.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 00.48.30.png

He rubs his eyes to make sure he isn’t dreaming. Taki wastes no time and goes down to the body of the Miyamizu’s shrine god. He steps over the river that separates the “human world” and “underworld”, and once he has, he is in the underworld according to Mitsuha’s grandma.

He enters the cave and examines the sake that he brought with Mitsuha’s grandma and Yotsuha. There are moulds surrounding the sake. He looks at it carefully and concludes what he knows again, the Mitsuha he knows is from 3 years ago. He thinks about it and says it is Mitsubi, he drinks it and gets up to leave but suddenly falls back.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 00.57.11.png

All sorts of crazy graphics are happening, many scenes occur right in front of Taki’s eyes. He witness scenes of Mitsuha’s birth, Yotsuha being born, the death of Mitsuha’s mother, Mitsuha’s dad abandoning the shrine, the grandma caring for both her granddaughters, the reactions that Mitsuha had when their body swapped, the day she headed out to Tokyo and her request to her grandma for a haircut.

However despite Taki seeing all these scene appearing right in front of his eyes, he is unable to warn Mitsuha, he shouts and shouts but nothing can be heard by her. Lastly he sees the comet striking down from the sky and hitting her.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 01.05.29.png

Taki is back in Mitsuha’s body, he declares that she is alive. However he is in the short-haired Mitsuha, which means he has managed to body-swapped and time travel to the day that the comet will strike. On the news it say comet Tiamat will be visible to the naked eyes and tonight it will reach its perigee.

The Grandma sees Taki and declares that he is not Mitsuha. The grandma states he has been behaving strangely that is why she knew he is not Mitsuha, it made her think back to her past. She also had strange dreams when she was a young girl but has forgotten who’s life that she was dreaming about. The grandma says that he should treasure the experience because these dreams slowly fade away after he is awake. She added that herself, Mistuha’s mother and Mitusha all experience this unique phenomenon.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 15.28.22.png

Taki presumes their ability to swap body with someone else is to prevent the incident from happening today- comet striking Itomori. Taki knows the future and warns the grandma that the comet will strike however she does not believe him.

Using Mitsuha’s body, Taki goes and warn other people about the comet. He tells Sayaka and Tessie but they appear to be more shocked at Mitsuha’s new hairstyle. Although they do not really buy into his words; Sayaka still cooperates by buying loads of snack in preparation for evacuation, Tessie will try to hack into the wireless speakers that are placed all over the town. They will also use bombs to scare people away and give them a reason to evacuate before the comet strike.

Sayaka is not persuaded by the idea because it is illegal to do these acts. Taki reassures them that it will work because he will try and convince Mitsuha’s dad. Sayaka says comet falling from the sky is just a fantasy, however Tessie corrects Sayaka’s thoughts by claiming that Lake Itomori was caused by a giant comet that hit it 1,200 years ago.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 15.42.14.png

Mitsuha’s dad does not believe his words and tells him to be quiet, he says his claims are nonsense. He must be feeling crazy due to the heritage from the Miyamuzu family. Mitsuha’s dad declares that he will only listen to him after he gets examined by a doctor. Taki is angered by his words and grabs him by his tie, and shouts at him. Mitsuha’s dad is shocked at his sudden action and asks him for his identity.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 15.48.09.png

Taki is disheartened, he no longer knows whether it is possible to persuade these people. Even if Mitsuha is here right now in her own body and knew about the incident, he is unsure whether she could have changed the fate of Itomori.

She sees Yotsuha and instructs her to go and escape with grandma before night falls. Yosuha is confused and says he is weird recently, and tells him that he went to Tokyo yesterday too. Taki realise that Mitsuha went to Tokyo to find him.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 15.51.51.png

Taki senses something, and rushes to the summit of Itomori. Mitsuha is conscious but is in Taki’s body and his body is in the cave. She walks out and head towards the summit of Itomori and notices Lake Itomori has turned into 2 giant lake instead of being 1. She thinks back to the incident- the comet striking. She is shock at the sudden discovery, and thinks whether she had died from the comet. In disbelief, her legs weakens.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 15.54.50.png

The movie skips back to the day Mitsuha went to Tokyo to see Taki. Mitsuha is nervous and anxious to see him, she hesitates because she think it will bother him but gathers her courage and takes the train to Tokyo. Mitsuha gets off the train and tried to call Taki but his number is not available. She walks around Tokyo, hoping she will coincidentally see him walking along the streets.

Mitsuha voices over:

“There’s no way we could meet. But what if we did? What should I do?  Would I annoy him? Would it be awkward? Or maybe… he’s be a bit glad to see me? There’s no way we could meet. But… one thing is certain. If we see each other, we’ll know. That you were the one who was inside me. That I was the one who was inside you”

After a whole day of searching, Mitsuha has lost all her hope in finding Taki, she space out while waiting for the train, through the corner of her eyes, she sees Taki inside the train. She hastily gets on the train and slowly walks up to him. She is right in front of him but he does not seem to have notice her presence. She calls him few times and asks if he recognises her, but he does not remember her and asks who she is. Mitsuha is embarrassed and stays quiet for the whole journey.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.07.18.png

It is Mitsuha’s stop, she gets off and Taki stops her, she is unable to stop because of other passengers, he asks her for her name and she throws him the hair ribbon that she is wearing and declares that she is “Mitsuha”.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.12.42.png

Taki remembers back to the day she had visited him, 3 years ago she came to see him, he hurries to the top of the summit.

Mitsuha senses something, she feels Taki’s presence. She walks around the summit and hears Taki’s voice calling her. They both run around the summit but unable to see each other, they can hear each other’s voice. They run past each other and feels a familiar presence, both looks back and realises that they are unable to see each other due to the time difference. Mitsuha is currently 3 years in the future as she is in Taki’s body, and Taki is in Mitsuha’s body, which is 3 years ago from the time that Mitsuha is currently in.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.15.43.png

Kataware-doki is approaching. Both are aware of each other’s presence but even if they reach their hand out, nothing can be felt. Both are disheartened and distraught however the something magical happens, clouds slowly covers the sun and the surrounding becomes dark.

Taki is back in his own body and comments that is is the Kataware-doki, Mitsuha has also returned to hers. She hears his voice and looks over, but this time she can see him. They stand in awe at each other’s physical presence.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.22.07.png

Mitsuha bursts out crying and is glad to see Taki in front of her, Taki explains that he drank her Kuchikamisake which may explain why she is alive, or why he is able to time travel and able to body swap again.

Mitsuha notices the braided cord that he is wearing and comments on it, he says that she gave it to him 3 years ago. He complains that she went to visit him before he even knew who she is, he hands back her braided cord and exclaims that he had kept it for 3 years.

Taki reminds Mitsuha that she still has things to do, they see the comet approaching, and the Kataware-doki is almost gone. Taki says that they should write down each other’s name on their palm so they will not forget each other once they are awake. He grabs her wrist and starts writing something on her hand and hands the pen to Mitsuha. Mitsuha starts writing on Taki’s palm but disappears before she finishes writing.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.30.45.png

Taki can no longer sees Mitsuha in front of him and looks at his palm, with a single pen strike on it. He voices over:

“I wanted to tell you that wherever you are in the world, I’ll search for you. Your name is Mitsuha. It’s okay I’ll remember. Mitsuha. Mitsuha. Mitsuha. Your name is Mitsuha”

He reassures himself that he will remember her no matter what, but the next second he forgets who she is. He grabs the pen before he completely forgets everything, he wants to write something on his palm but forgets the reason why he is even at the top of the summit. He knows that he came here to save her, but for who?

Taki shouts out in confusion:

“Who are you? Why did I come here? I came here to see her. To save her. I wanted her to be alive. Who was it? Who? Who did I come to see? Someone dear to me. I don’t want to forget. I shouldn’t forget! Who? Who? Who? Who? What’s your name?”

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.38.59.png

Mitsuha runs down the mountain and heads towards her town.

Mitsuha voices over:

“Taki. Taki. Taki. It’s okay, I remember. I’ll never forget. Taki. Taki. Your name is Taki!”

She reaches the town and sees Tessie, she says that Taki apologises for breaking his bike. Tessie asks who that is and Mitsuha declares that she wants to apologise. Tessie brushes it off and says that they can discuss it after their plans.

They manage to cut off the whole town’s power by blowing up the electrical supply, they inform Sayaka to make an announcement for the whole town to evacuate and head towards Itomori high school. Sayaka cooperates with them although she panics. The whole town turns into complete darkness, the stalls loses their lights and the festival has stopped.

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Mitsuha and Tessie runs towards the town and hurries people to evacuate. Mitsuha starts crying because she has forgotten Taki’s name. Tessie snaps Mitsuha back to reality- saving the people are more important right now. He shouts at her and tells her to persuade her father to made an announcement as the announcement made by Sayaka is not enough.

Mitsuha’s dad is wary of the announcement made by Sayaka and demands someone to investigate about the forest fire, after realising it is fake, he instructs someone to stop the announcement that is broadcasting from Itomori’s high school. Mitsuha’s dad makes a new announcement- everyone should remain in their position and do not evacuate.

Tessie is running around and warning people but gets caught by his father, he looks at the sky and sees the comet splitting apart, meteors are falling from the sky. Everyone in the world is able to Comet Tiamat, even Taki from 3 years ago.

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Mitsuha voices over:

“Hey. Who are you? Who? Who? Who is that? Someone dear to me. I shouldn’t forget. I didn’t want to forget! Who? Who? Who are you? What’s your name?”

While Mitsuha is running towards the town hall to find her father, she trips and falls down. She remembers his suggestion of writing their names on each other’s palm, she open her fist and realises that he did not write his name down, instead he wrote “I love you”.

Mitsuha gets up and cries, she cannot remember his name with this.  However his genuine feelings for her made her more determine, she sprints towards her dad’s office and demands him to make an announcement.

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A meteor lands in Itomoti, it easily destroys a large area of the Town. The impact created a new lake, right next to the one that was existing.

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-8 years later-

Taki is all grown up and is wearing a suit and riding the subway.  He looks lifeless like he is an empty shell with no meaning, he sees a familiar head sporting the braided cord, he instantly gets off the next stop. He runs on the train platform and the familiar head is no longer to be seen.

He goes to numerous interviews and declares that he wants to build landscapes that leave heartwarming memories, because you never know when Tokyo will disappear.

Taki voices over:

“I’m always searching for something. This feeling has possessed me for some time” 

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His friend teases Taki the amount of interviews he has gone through and claim they have a lot of job offers. He goes to meet Okudera and voices over:

“I’m not sure if I’m searching for a person or a place, or if I’m just searching for a job”

Okudera came to Tokyo for work reasons but wanted to stop by and say hi to Taki. She says they once went to Itomori together and it was a long time ago- 8 years since the comet hit Itomori and 5 years ago they visited Itomori.

Taki voice over:

“I, too, no longer remember much from back then. Maybe we had a disagreement; the other two returned to Tokyo without me. I spent the night alone on some mountain. That’s all I remember. But at one point, I was inexplicably drawn to the events surrounding that comet. Half of a comet destroyed a town in that disaster. But most of the town’s residents were miraculously unhurt. The entire town happened to be holding an emergency drill, and most of its resident were outside the blast zone. The sheer luck and coincidence sparked various rumours. I intently read those articles back then. What had caught my interest so much is now a mystery to me. I didn’t even know anybody in that town” 

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Okudera thanks Taki for spending some time with her, she says her goodbye and wishes him happiness, she waves and a wedding ring is seen on her ring finger.

Taki is at a café and he hears Sayaka and Tessie discussing about their wedding. Sayaka tells Tessie to lose the beard before their wedding day and she will lose 3 kg. He cannot help but listen into their conversation as they have familiar names.

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Taki walks home and on his way home, he walks past a mysterious woman who is carrying an umbrella and wearing the braided cord. He looks back and can only see the umbrella therefore continues walking, the mysterious woman also stops to look back, but Taki has already walked too far.

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His yearning for Itomori does not end, he cannot stop himself from looking at photos of Itomori. He questions his yearning- “Why does the scenery of a town that no longer exists wring my heart so much”.

Taki’s search does not stop, it soon becomes spring but his search still continues. Everyone’s life are moving on but his; Tsukasa is working as a florist, Okudera is still working at another city, Sayaka and Tessie are searching for a property together and a girl that looks like Yotsuha is in class as a high school student.

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It is a normal day, the usual working life, both Taki and Mitsuha are getting ready for work. Nothing has changed, Mitsuha is still wearing the braided cord, both are searching for something without even knowing what they are searching for.

They look out the train, aimlessly unsure what they are searching for. Just something. Something catches their attention. They exchange eye contact, but the train are heading opposite direction. Even though the gaze is short, they know for sure that this is what they have been searching for all along.

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Both of them dashes out the train at the next stop, running past many buildings, shops and houses, they somehow finds each other again. Like fate, they found each other.

Mitsuha walks down the stairs and Taki walks up the stairs. However they look at each other and then avoids eye contact, they walk past each other. Mitsuha is disappointed but she continues walking, Taki is also disappointed as she did not say anything.

However he stops at the top of the stairs and pauses, he shouts “excuse me, haven’t we met before?”. Mitsuha’s reaction already answer his question; she bursts into tears and then happily exclaims that she thought so too.

All this time, they have been searching for someone, they are 100% sure that he/she is what they have been looking for all along. They asks the same time:

“Your name is…?” 

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Oh my feels. The ending is a happy-ending but it makes you feel empty, it made me feel empty, I don’t even know why. Maybe I am searching for something too, just kidding, a life is probably what I’m searching for.

This movie really matched up to all the raves that I had heard about, barely any anime are able to air in UK due to lack of popularity and interest, but “Your Name” was one of the exceptions, and I can understand why. There is something bitter-sweet about the ending that I do not like, there are some endings that makes you all warm and fuzzy, but this ending makes me slightly upset.

The star-crossed lovers has spend their best moments of their life looking for someone, yet they did not know it was a someone until the end. Bitter-sweet x1. They saw each other, ran out the train and was about to walk away without saying anything. Bitter-sweet x2. Even when they saw each other again, they don’t even remember the memory they had together. Bitter-sweet x 3. ‘kay I am exaggerating it a little, it is not the most happy ending though. Maybe I prefer a bit of cheese and happy unicorns everywhere. 

However, I do highly recommend this movie to anyone that wants an emotion-provoking 2 hour movie. The storyline is great and has many subtleness that builds up to one big extravaganza, every statement in this movie is building up to something or is liked to something. else

To those that are confused with the whole storyline and are wondering how they managed to swap bodies, I can hep with an explanation, well I will explain my theory anyways.

So, at the start we have our female heroine called Mitsuha Miyamizu, who is responsible for the all the shrine’s duties, and we have Taki Tachibana, just your everyday high-school boy.

1,200 years ago, a fire occurred and burned all the documents or traces as to why the Miyamizu clan is responsible for braiding cords, however despite knowing  the reason, their clan continued the tradition. However, the fire is not any fire, the fire was caused by a meteor falling onto Itomoti and causing great destruction, this meteor also formed the lake that is seen in the movie.

From then on, it has been said that females of the Miyamizu clan have strange dreams that they cannot remember, this strange dream is actually not a dream but them living somebody’s else’s life, but once they are awake they do not remember anything about it. This continued throughout the generations. I think the braided cord cause this phenomenon to happen as the cord represent the flow of time; it forms, twist, and unravel, it can even break but can re-connect again. Hence the reason why Taki and Mitsuha are able to body-swap despite having 3 year gap, technically in different dimensions too.

The braided cord that she gave him when he did not know her yet made that connection between them. They are connecting through Mitsubi (god’s power). However, Mitsubi only seems to happen when the celestial alignments are correct; they were only able to body-swap when comet Tiamat was approaching, but what made the swap actually happen was Mitsuha’s wish. God heard her prayers and connected her to Taki. That is how their fate started, but there are some parts which makes this movie confusing, which I will list some below

  1. She gave the red-cord to Taki which created the bond between them, 3 years later he body-swaps with her but of course it is the 3 years ago Mitsuha. The only way they communicate is by leaving notes and diary entries. Hasn’t any of them ever looked at the year they are in or like realise ah, this is an old edition phone, or a new edition phone. Like 3 years is a long time, and mobile model changes everyday okay. Yes, this bothers me the most. 
  2. In the storyline they forget whatever happens in their “dream” but no that does not work, because he does not remember the Mitsuha that gave him the ribbon, like she was this random person that threw a ribbon at him and declared her name. Okay, fine he does not need to remember her face and name but wouldn’t it like trigger his memory a little when he possessed her her body so many times?! Meeting her was not even a dream, so the whole “you slowly forget your dream” storyline does not apply to this, but then he did remember meeting her in the end, in the end guys, like does this guy have selective memory where he can remember things at certain times. Another thing is that they are conscious of their dream, they even made amendments to the other person’s life because they are conscious of it. Mitsuha cried when she thought of Taki going on a date with another woman okay? She is conscious okay and has not forgotten her dream. She even goes and find him in Tokyo. However I guess you can argue it with the idea that they only forget their “dreams” when their bond is broken, and when Taki handed back the red ribbon to Mitsuha, their bond was broken, hence they cannot swap bodies anymore despite her surviving from Comet Tiamat. I guess that explanation can work, I guess. 
  3. How did he not know where she lived, I mean bro, you lived her life, went to her school and even knew her dad was the major. Surely, you had a slight clue where she lived or even what her school is called. Also the fact that she is responsible for a shrine makes it questionable why he didn’t even ask what the shrine is called. Especially he did shrine duties for her as well.

Overall, when I sit down and think about this movie, I can’t help but think of the flaws in this movie, I mean they forget each other when they want to and remember stuff when they want to, how does that work.  But but but, when I acknowledge the whole factors of Mitsubi, the Kuchikamizake and Kataware-doki, then I guess anything is possible. It also adds the sense of magical-ness, I mean at the end of the day, the fate between Mitsuha and Taki was god’s act.

I am no expert at movie-reviewing and simply tried my best to comprehend this movie, it really is a deep movie, my second time watching it and it can still make me think so much. Still don’t get it, the time gap makes the whole storyline hard to digest. Although hard to digest, the storyline is still excellent and really shows that love has no limit. When I say limit, I mean even the celestial alignment got involved with their love story.

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